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Marketing Request Form

When I started working at the Recreation Department in MPS, there was no system for 60 program staff to request marketing needs. As the marketing team kept growing, I saw the need for a system. Using the project management shared software, Smartsheet, I developed a request form for staff to submit their needs. Staff are able to submit design, web, social, event, campaign, photo, video, and many other requests. Team members were assigned projects and notified via an automated email system of their assigned projects and deadlines. Program staff were regularly sent automated project updates via Smartsheet. This streamlined operations within the marketing team and improved customer/client experience for our programming staff.

Hiring Marketing Staff

The Recreation Department only had two full marketing people, which included myself. We did not have the resources to hire additional full-time people. As the programs grew, I knew we needed additional staffing. I devised a plan the would hire part-time entry level marketing staff that included two graphic designers, a social media specialist, web content specialist, and a community engagement specialist. 

Social Media Process

Graphic Design Process

Internal Marketing Resources

In order to provide better service to our program staff, I developed the Internal Marketing Resource webpage. Once logged in, staff are able to access our marketing request, our photo library, social media channels, staff newsletters, translation requests, and our most current print materials. 

Building a Photo Library

The department's photo collection became overwhelming and extremely difficult to find photos in our shared drive and only the marketing team had access to the photos. Thousands of photos taken by our staff were going to waste as years passed. I proposed hiring interns and subscribing to a photo database to resolve the problem and created a process for it.